Shain luxury


SHAIN Luxury is the lifestyle brand where exclusivity is paramount.


The story of SHAIN starts in 2019. Two different crafts accidentally crossed paths. One is a highly valued goldsmith, the other an eye for exclusive products. By bringing together experience and knowledge, SHAIN was created; a very luxurious bracelet collection.


SHAIN’s exclusive masterpieces are only made by the very best craftsmen in The Netherlands. We are proud to guarantee that every piece of jewelry is made by hand, resulting in unique items.


SHAIN Luxury owns two apartments in the beautiful complex ‘Oasis 325’, which is located on the Golden Mile in Estepona. The 3 bedroom apartments with all luxury facilities can be rented for short and long holidays.

The other side of SHAIN Luxury has an assortment of luxury jewelry handmade in the Netherlands. Exclusive and timeless are the keywords for these bracelets.