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General rental conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all offers and quotations from, agreements with, deliveries and services of SR Luxury B.V. Deviating SR Luxury B.V. have been confirmed.

Offers from SR Luxury B.V. are always without obligation and are subject to interim changes. All entries on the website of SR Luxury B.V. and any other written statements are deemed to have been provided in good faith and are always subject to interim adjustments. SR Luxury B.V. is not bound by obvious errors and omissions in its website and any other written expressions.


The tenant declares to have taken note of the description of the apartment by SR Luxury B.V. on the website and not to request a further description thereof. Prices always include sales tax but exclude costs of a (non-mandatory) cancellation and/or travel insurance and/or other costs. Special additional costs such as cleaning costs, booking costs and local fees set by and on behalf of the government are stated separately.

As soon as we have received an order for a reservation, by telephone, via the website or in writing, you will receive a booking form/invoice for your reservation. SR Luxury B.V. has the right at all times not to accept a booking if there are price errors or occupancy errors in the website. By SR Luxury B.V. sent booking forms / invoices / residence tickets and any other written documents contain all relevant data for the stay in the booked apartment. In the interest of a proper booking and to prevent misunderstandings, the tenant undertakes to check the correctness and completeness of the booked data after receipt of the booking form/invoice and any other written documents and to check for any omissions or inaccuracies within 7 days of receipt of the booking form/invoice and or other documents to SR Luxury BV to report. If such notification is not made within the specified period, the tenant is not entitled to invoke the incompleteness or inaccuracy of the booking form/invoice and/or other documents.

An advance payment of 25% of the total rent and any other costs must be made within 7 days. The second part of the rent must be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the rental period. In exceptional cases, other installments can be agreed in writing. For bookings (period between booking and the start of the rental period shorter than 4 weeks), the entire amount must be paid in full, either by telephone transfer or in cash. Payment can be made by bank or cash. When paying by bank, the date of payment is the day of transfer of the rent to the bank account of SR Luxury B.V. At the request of SR Luxury B.V. the tenant must provide SR Luxury B.V. provide proof of payment.

A deposit of €500 is required for the apartment. This deposit must be paid to the owner or manager of the apartment before arrival at the residence address, unless otherwise specified in the booking form and/or residence ticket. After the stay in the apartment, any additional costs will be settled, any damage found or missing items present in or on the holiday object will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder of the deposit will be refunded. In any case, the calculated remainder of the deposit will be returned by the owner within 14 days of the stay.

A cancellation must always be made in writing. The following
rules apply:


  • Cancellation up to 60 days before the day of arrival is free. You will receive 100% of the rent back.
  • In case of cancellation from the 60th day (inclusive) to the day of arrival, you pay the deposit (25%).
  • In case of cancellation from the 30th day (inclusive) you will lose 100% of the rent.

SR Luxury B.V. does not accept any liability if the owner of the apartment remains in default, despite the great care taken by SR Luxury B.V. spent on the object. SR Luxury B.V. cannot be held liable for damage caused by fire, leakage, accident or any other cause whatsoever to the tenant, his co-tenants and/or property. If SR Luxury B.V.

forced to cancel a rental contract due to force majeure, SR Luxury B.V. not be held liable in any way. In such a situation, full refund of the amount to SR Luxury B.V. amount paid. The tenant is liable for all damage to the apartment, inventory and/or furniture, which occurs during the rental period, by the tenant. This will be repaired at the expense of the tenant. Errors or mistakes in the rental program of SR Luxury B.V. can SR Luxury B.V. do not bind.

On arrival, the apartment can be occupied after 3 pm. The apartment must be vacated before 11 am. Deviations are stated in the booking confirmation. The apartment may not be occupied by more people if agreed in writing. If it turns out that there are more residents than agreed, the owner or manager has the right to deny you access, or to charge EUR 50.00 per redundant person per day. This depends on the situation on site. It is not allowed to bring pets. If this is found, the owner or manager has the right to refuse further access to the apartment.


On the day of departure, the apartment must be left swept clean, which includes: everything washed clean, garbage bags in the container, fridge empty and clean, all food removed and the floor swept.

If you have valid complaints about the cleaning of the apartment, you must contact the owner/manager the same day. He or she will then send someone to check your complaint and, if it is justified, to clean the case. Do not clean yourself, otherwise your complaint will not be accepted, since there is nothing to check by the owner/landlord. If you have major complaints in another area, you must report this before 7 p.m. on the day of arrival. Your complaint can no longer be processed at a later date.

The present conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. All disputes arising from the booking form/invoice and other written documents or these conditions will be settled in the first instance by the competent court in the Netherlands. None of the parties can transfer its rights and obligations to third parties unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions. If and insofar as any provision in the booking form/invoice or other written documents and these terms and conditions should appear to be invalid, the other terms and conditions will remain in force and the invalid article will be deemed to have been converted in such a way that it is in accordance with the apparent intentions of the parties brought.

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