5 must sees Estepona

When you are going to travel to Spain, Estepona is the place to be! Thanks to her authentic Spanish atmosphere, Estepona is a beautiful recommendation for all ages. We would like to introduce you to Estepona with these 5 must sees.

Historic Center Estepona

The historical side of Estepona is known for her narrow streets filled with colorful flowerpots. The center is car-free, so you can walk through the streets calmly. As you walk through the streets, you will see the traditional Spanish culture frequently. The historic center got a lot of nice restaurants, bars and shops. It is definitely worth it!

Plaza de las Floras

‘The square of flowers’, is a beautiful square in the historic part of Estepona. A lovely place with lots of nice places to wine and dine. Also, this square is car-free which makes it feel like you walk in an oasis of peace.

Ruta de murales artisticos

Across Estepona you will find a variation of murals, big and small. 50 of these murals are part of the Rite de murals artisticos (Route of artistic murals). When you walk along this route you will not only see beautiful paintings, but you will also be guided through Estepona. Fun fact: The biggest painting is spread over 6 buildings.

Estepona Plaza de las Floras

Photo: Plaza De Las Floras

Estepona orchid house

Within walking distance of the center of Estepona, you will find the Orchid House. A beautiful court yard with at lease 1300 species of orchids. You will have to pay €3,- to enter, but it is definitely worth every penny to see all the beautiful orchids.

Marina Estepona

At Estepona’s Marina, you will find beautiful boats and fishing boats. These boats ensure that you will only get the freshest fish. These caught fish will be sold throughout Estepona. Restaurant La Escollera is a fish restaurant at the harbor. The restaurant works together with local fisherman, that is why they have first choice on the fresh caught fish. This is the restaurant you can eat the best fish of Estepona. 


Marina Estepona does not only have a beautiful lighthouse or boats at the coastline, but they also have a lovely market every Sunday. There is also a wide variety of restaurants. When you are looking for a party in the evening, this is the place to be!

Photo: Marina Estepona

Photo: Marina Estepona