Our top 10 favorite beach clubs!

The Costa del Sol is known for her beautiful Beach clubs. That is why we made a top 10 where we believe you will be amazed by the amazing atmosphere!

Opium, Marbella

One of the most famous  Beach clubs in Marbella: Opium Marbella. A beautiful seaside location and a fun variety of DJ’s, live music and concerts of world-famous artists!


During the day you can spend your time at the beach or swimming pool. during the night, the atmosphere switches from very relaxed and laid back to the ultimate party where you can party till the early morning.

Nikki Beach, Marbella

Nikki Beach Marbella is one of the locations spread across the world. The establishment is open every day of the week. Nikki Beach ensures a lovely day while enjoying some snacks, a drink and (live) music.


This beach club is located at a beautiful white beach with a view on the Mediterranean Sea. The view is just amazing! For the most part you can sit in open-air, so you can enjoy the Spanish sun.

NAÔ pool club, Marbella

this poolclub completely equipped to ensure you have a fantastic time. The atmosphere is relaxed, so you can ‘wake up’ in peace. At the afternoon there will be a DJ. Come and experience the first dance steps!


With their amazing cocktailmenu and their talented chef, you will never sell yourself short. The poolclub opens up every day from 12:00 till 20:00, so you can enjoy the pleasant ambience the entire day.

Mistral Beach, Marbella

Mistral Beach has got a lot of possibilities to bring your beach day to the next level. They provide massages, different kinds of water sports, fresh seasonal products and cocktails made out of fresh fruits.


The beach club works with the freshest fish so you will always experience high quality. This beach club opens up every day from 10:30 till 19:00 to guarantee you a very relaxed day.

Marbella Club, Marbella

Elegant simplicity, that is the way of the Marbella club. It does not matter if you come to dine or just fora drink, they will always serve you with the freshest most natural products.


At Marbella club they emphasize on physical and mental wellbeing. At the establishment you will be able to do some fitness, choose between different kinds of nutritious dishes or just chill out in the spa. In the spa there will be lessons available to participate in. These lessons can may vary, for example pilates or meditation.

La Sala by the sea, Marbella

La Sala By Sea inspired by the Thai style. During weekdays, you can really relax and unwind while enjoying the sun, sea, the beautiful white beach and the Mediterranean feel. During the weekends, they occasionally organize pool parties with DJ’s or live music. 


The beach club even picks you up with a buggy when there are no parking spots left in the area, what a great service!


Photo: Tropical drink

Ocean club, Marbella

A typical trendy club in Marbella with a modern, luxury vibe. During the day, you can enjoy yourself laying on a beach bed with a cocktail and/or a hookah. The DJ will play some relaxing music, but as soon as the night starts to fall, the atmosphere changes from relaxed to the ultimate party.


 This will be a day you will always remember because of the live music, dancers and entertainers. The club opens up everyday from 11:00 till 21:00.

Playa Padre

Playa Padre is an outstanding location, if you are looking for a party! During daytime, the atmosphere is a bit more calmer with beautiful Mexican , beach beds and beach service.


This is a place where you will experience the typical jetset life of Marbella. A penchant for luxury and a great party with Electro music. This will be an unique experience you will never forget, because of the combination of delicious food, a beautiful location and music.

La plage Casanis

La plage Casanis is a modern restaurant at the beach. You can rent a beach bed for the entire day, to enjoy the beautiful location. After a long relaxing day, you will be pampered by the friendly staff and the delicious dishes, at the restaurant. On weekends the DJ will play some lovely music. This beach bar is known for her wood grill. The products will only need the warmth of this grill.


Photo: Playa Padre

Bono Beach

Bono beach bar is known for her exotic drinks and fresh products. because of the DJ or live music, you will enjoy your entire day. You can stay here all day long, have a lunch or dine in the restaurant. Because of the candlelights there will be a wonderful atmosphere. We definitely recommend this beach bar!


Photo: La Plage Casanis


Photo: Gerecht Playa Padre